Look For These Add-ons in Your Dedicated Server Hosting Too

What is so different about dedicated servers, and why does anybody recommend a dedicated server hosting as opposed to a shared server, which when put in comparison with to a dedicated server is cheaper. Here below are the reasons why any website owning company should go for a dedicated server, and we will also recommend an Enterprise Servers which you might want to consider when it comes to choosing a dedicated server for your company:

  • The first reason is that you are the owner, and hence the choice of selecting an Operating System is entirely up to you, based on your priorities.
  • Also, there will be customized script installations available for you when you are opting for a dedicated server.
  • Also, the hardware that you wish to take up, you can as that is also one of the privileges that you get to enjoy when choosing a dedicated hosting.

Now that you know about dedicated server hosting you might as well know about the types of such server hosting. Like there is a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting and an Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting. When it comes to a managed server hosting, complete assistance is provided to you, whereas, when it comes to unmanaged server hosting you would have to take up the responsibility of managing all the server-related duties and charges.

Having said that, we have a brilliant recommendation for all those of you who are looking for dedicated hosting, and here we are going to talk about some of the exclusive features that this enterprise server provides you. The one firm that we are going to talk about is called Psychz Networks, which provides their networking service choice to Los Angeles or Dallas location. Apart from all the other features, which are actually add-ons, Psychz also provides free 2 GbpsDDoS protection and also automatic route optimization. Apart from that you will also get free Anycast which comes with the benefit of a faster load time, also this server structured cabling is fully managed support with cPanel/Plesk.

Apart from that, here are the additional features that these server hosting firms provide:

  • One of the primary additional features which you as a business owner would appreciate is the month-to-month contract which is a truly beneficial feature. Now before you vile you time guessing let us do the elaboration for you here, it is the feature where we understand that the operations of your business grow and change day in and day out, which means that when it comes to your infrastructural needs they too change. It is for this reason that we have made our services contact on a month-to-month basis. This means that you pay for what you need and not more, and if need be you can go for an upgrade of plan, which means that our loyalty in terms of service is intact, and there is no hassle of renegotiation as such.
  • Another feature of Psychz which comes more like an additional benefit for the customers is the facility of high-speed and advanced global network that they are providing. It means that their network consists of multi-homed network with a capacity of 60Gbps. Also it is built from best-in-the-class networking infrastructure, also hardware as well as software. Apart from that for highest speed and also reliability it is donned with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity.

Like we just said, when you are choosing a network, or in other words a dedicated network, make sure that you are looking into the safety, the clarity of terms and also the speed, and in all these three scales Psychz Networks stands pretty heavy, hence making them one of the best options in the market.


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