5 common elevator problems and prevention tactics

How did Elevators help society

What’s the use of an elevator in a building?

The Importance of the elevator is more than we taught. Nowadays everyone is preferring for an elevator once we enter a shopping mall or our office building. We can’t say people were lazy to use the staircase, they don’t have sufficient time to use the staircase, the elevator will carry the people from one floor to another floor in few minutes. The elevators are not only used in the malls and buildings, but it is also used in the hospitals too. The patients can’t take the staircase during the treatment and we can’t use the wheelchairs and stretchers in the staircase. To replace this, elevators are used in the hospitals to carry the patients. In case of emergency, the lift spare parts will find the elevators to face technical issues.

What are the problems we faced in an elevator and how we can overcome it?

There are some problems that can be found in the elevator. Every machine will definitely have some issues, not all made of 100% with a guarantee. But these issues can be solved easily by using the lift spare parts. Few common problems are listed down, they are

Power failure: this is the main problem for all the elevators, if the power shutdown in the middle of the lift journey, it will be stuck in one place. People will feel panic and they can’t breathe at that time.

  • It can be solved by using the power generator system. It brings back the elevator to form and starts to work.

Shaking of the lift: Some elevators will give a jerk feel while the starting and ending time, it is due to the worn sheaves. The jerk feel will lead to some vomiting sensation to the people.

  • It can be avoided by regrooving the sheaves. It maintains the quality of the rope too.

Rope quality: the rope quality is the important thing, or else the lift may cut from the rope and fall down. It brings big disaster to the building and people.

  • The rope quality needs to check twice while purchasing it and a magnet can be placed at the under of the lift and bottom of the floor on the same poles.

Sound: The elevators will make a sound during the carrying of people, it is due to the rusting of the rope and motor.

  • It can be avoided by using the oil lubricants in the rope and motor to avoid the sound.

Motor: By people’s mistakes, the motor may displace in the wrong alignment so, it will lead to the motor shut down easily.

  • It can be avoided by fixing the motor in the correct place.

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