Which Apex Legend Are You?

Are you an avid gamer? If you are, then you might have heard about the online game Apex Legends. Well, for those who do not k ow about the game, read more to know more about the game so that you could once play it on your gaming console.

What is Apex Legends? 

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer gaming based on the battlefield as a royale game. The players playing the game that is the characters in the game are known as Legends. It is very related to these hero shooters. There are also various modes introduced to play with a multiplayer mode too. If you are bored at home, you could call your friends and have a game on the battlefield eh!

In each of the matches, it includes having twenty characters in a team with three squads. Each character can be designed as per their uniqueness and personality with different abilities to be displayed while playing at the battlefield with the other characters. There is also another mode which is known as the ping system. It allows the players in the game to utilize their gaming controller easily in order to communicate to the squad non-verbally. Give your squad directions regarding the location of the weapon to be kept, any strategies to be suggested and, also certain directions whenever needed. Well, the game is associated with many seasons as the battlefield is available only under a time limit. The seasons bring in changes in the map and, new gaming elements too are added.

Which Apex Legend Are You?

If you have ever played the Legends Game, you might have wondered which apex legend are you? I’m sure you might have thought about it at least once. So if you think that you are a good player and you are aware of all the characters in the game, you must try a quiz.

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