The open garbage lying on the streets emit harmful elements that pollute the environment. It often contracts pests or vermin. Open-air burning of these dumps tends to release toxic chemicals and fumes. 

Are you wondering how to dispose of this garbage? The below-profiled rubbish removal Crewe article throws insights into the methods of street rubbish disposal. Read on to know more.

How improper dumping harm the environment?

Exposure of water or land resources to dumpings decreases the quality of the soil and underground water sources. It is, therefore, necessary to adopt the right street rubbish disposal strategies. Expert rubbish removal Crewe offers further assistance on proper segregation of waste before disposal.

Waste Disposal Methods

Industrialization and globalization are two significant factors that have made garbage accumulation a great cause of concern. Many countries are on the lookout for efficient garbage disposal methods. Some of them are listed below.


Also known as thermal treatment, it is one of the garbage treatment processes which deploys the combustion of organic materials found in the waste. It reduces the waste volume significantly and is one of the most hygienic and efficient garbage disposal methods. It emits toxic gases, so it is pre-treated before release. Few people state that it is a non-environment friendly method as it produces carbon monoxide and dioxide.


Non-recyclable or non-reusable waste is segregated from the general waste and spread as a thin layer covered by soil. These landfills are unfit for building constructions and can be used only as a park or playground.

 Biogas Generation

All organic, animal, food wastes that are biodegradable are sent to the bio-degradation facility and converted into biogas by fungi, bacteria, or other microbes degradation. The organic elements found in the waste materials serve as food for the microorganisms. The degradation process happens either anaerobically or aerobically. We use the biogas as fuel and residue as manure.

 Waste Compaction

It is the compaction of plastic cans and bottles into blocks and later sent to the recycle center. The method reduces oxidation and the required space, which aids easy transportation.


In this process, worms decompose the organic matter into manure. It is more effective than conventional composting.


All organic wastes buried under the soil decomposes due to bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms. The final result is manure, which replenishes the soil. It is a vital alternative to artificial fertilizers.

 Types of waste

  • Medical waste is from hospitals, vet clinics, and health care centers.
  • E-waste consists of devices like computers, air conditioners, printers, and all others that contain power supply components.
  • The hazardous waste consists of flammable liquids, paints, chemicals, pesticides, and aerosol cans.


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