About Breast Cancer


It is the most prevalent cancer type that affects many. Male breast cancer is a rare occurrence that accounts for only 1% of all cases. The common risk factors include inheriting specific mutation genes like BRCA1/2, overweight, exposure to increased hormone levels, smoking, alcohol consumption, and indulging in highly processed foods.


The following short read provides you with a list of top foods to eat that helps reduce the chances of breast cancer. Read on the breast health guide to know more.


Significance of a healthy diet for healthy breast


A balanced diet may reduce the chances, but it is still important to do frequent mammograms and self-exams. Consult with your doctor regarding the procedures available.


Now, it is time for some top food list that helps minimize the cancer risk.


Citrus Fruits


It consists of compounds like beta carotene, antioxidants, folate, and vitamin C that guards you against this dangerous disease.  Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, limes, lemons, and grapefruits offer your body anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidants effects. A study conducted proved that citrus fruit consumers had reduced risks of cancer by 10%.




The antioxidant and anthocyanins present in berries prevent cellular damage and the development, propagation of cancer cells. Are you a berry lover? Then you have fewer chances of cancer. A recent investigation proved that regular consumption of blueberries reduced the risk of ER breast cancer.


Pears, Apples, and Peaches


Recent studies revealed that eating two antioxidant-rich peaches per week minimizes the risk of ER-breast cancer. The same study proved similar results for apple and pear consumption.


Leafy Vegetables


Many green leafy vegetables like chard, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, and kale rich in antioxidants lessen the breast cancer risks. Besides, it consists of folate and vitamin B that shields you against the illness.


Allium Vegetables


The vegetables contain antioxidants, vitamin C that helps combat this dreadful ailment. A lab investigation proved that Leeks, Onion, Garlic, Chives, and Scallions reduced breast cancer risks. However, more research is needed to prove its breast health benefits.


Fatty Fish


Fishes like mackerel, salmon, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, selenium that provides the body with cancer-fighting properties and reduces breast cancer occurrence.


Moreover, the minimized intake of refined oils and foods helps you in the process.


Fermented Foods


Probiotic-rich food like kefir, miso, yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi shields you against disease. Animal investigations prove that all dairy-rich products enhance immunity for a cancer-free life.




The above breast health guide lists some top foods that help your body combat this dangerous ailment. Are you looking for pills to reduce weight and boost breast health? Then phen gold capsules with their natural ingredients aids in a healthy weight loss.


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