Significance of Random Orbital Sander


All the woodwork shops have their sander tools, and the orbital sander machine happens to have maximized importance. It is known for producing a mark-free and smooth finish with minimal manual work. You can deploy it for diverse and cost-effective home up-gradation projects.


The following article on orbital sander describes how to use the machine for better results. Read on to know more.


Step 1: Prepare your Materials


Attach clamps to the work surface to hold the material, which prevents any movements that might cause an accident. Now connect a ventilation system to the sander. It collects the debris that gets accumulated during the work.


Step 2: Time for Sandpaper attachments


Now, it is time to select the right grit for your project. You can choose coarse grits for heavy sanding materials that need a fine finish. Remember, coarse grits can leave marks on smooth boards that do not require much sanding. 


Fine grits produce a smooth finish, but it takes much time to achieve the desired results. Once the sandpaper grit size is selected, it is attached to the sander. Many orbital sanders in the market have an adhesive back, which offers a peel and press back option for easy fits.


Remember to wear your safety mask and goggles that protect you from the sawdust.


Step 3: Time to begin Sanding


Press the power button and set it full speed before placing it on your wood material. Now, move the sander front and back across the surface for a smooth finish. Apply light pressure and don’t press it down too hard as it might cause marks or gouges to your material.


Step 4: End of Process


It is important to sand the material corner by fastening one-third of the sanding pad over the edges. Upon coverage of the entire area and edges, remember to turn off the sander. Clean any extra debris with a cloth.


Working Mechanism 


It is a simple machine that comprises a motor linked to a ball bearing system connected to a rotating pad. The sanding pad rotations on the bearing unit makes it unique. The oblique movements of the pad wipes-off the need of sanding the same area twice.




The above-profiled article provides a step-by-step guide to use an random orbital sander machine. Are you planning to renovate your home woodworks? Then please visit the DeWalt Tool company’s site for more information on the diverse power and hand tools they offer. Are you ready to start your wood journey?


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