Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other So Much

Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other So Much

The world where we coexist with animals:

We live in a world where we coexist with animals that have been of various use to us. Most of us rear cows for have been riding horses to travel, cats to pet, notmilking, we have been riding horses to travel, cats to pet, not just this, there was a time in medieval history when people effortlessly dealt with wild animals such as tigers and lions. They were taught to co-exist among us humans in civilization, they were taught to abide by what’s being told by their human masters. It was considered to be a sign of strength and pride by the royalties in those days.

The same goes with the dogs that were originally considered to carry the wolf genetics in them. As these animals came into civilization they learned to co-exist and understand our gestures. We were designed to understand each other since dogs have been living amidst civilization for a long time.

I am pretty sure you have been seeing a dog since the day you knew the world. These creatures were either seen in a friend’s home or the corner of the area near your street. Being around each other’s presence has made it easier for us to understand their gestures. When a dog wags its tail I am sure you know it likes you. A low growl, an angry growl, gestures. When a dogthe way it moves its eyeballs can tell us what it needs and what it tries to convey.

So you don’t necessarily need a Ph.D. to understand what the dogs are trying to say. You look at them and understand what they need. Another reason why dogs and humans love each other is. Dogs don’t convey a language of hatred that usually comes out of our mouth through words. All they show is love, even if you push them away for a while. This is all we need right? We need someone to understand us without having to say a word.

Also, a study says that a dog can sense if his owner is sad or gloomy and that tends to reflect on the dog’s mood as well. What else would you want while you have someone around that can feel all your sorrows and pain without having to convey it through words? If you ask me what psychology led to this bond, I would say it is better not to question certain things in this world, as they are meant to be cherished and lived with, rather than being questioned. For more of such articles please log on to ngoenguay.com


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