Why does my Sander leave swirl marks?

ridgid random orbit sander

Swirl marks are a common problem in a wood floor. One of the most common problems with woodworking applications is the swirl mark, is also known as fish hooks.This is often due to improper sanding techniques or dirt getting under the sandpaper.

These marks are usually unnoticed until you applied stain the floor. These swirl marks are a complaint that across an individual cabinet shop to large manufacturing plants, and as a result product reworking and costs increase.

These aren’t difficult to fix. Sanding the floor to remove the surface layer is often enough to eliminate the swirl marks and have the perfect finish you want.

ridgid random orbit sander

In determining the causes and solutions, it’s very useful to evaluate the four key factors in the finishing process. They are, the air compressor/s, the shop’s random orbit sanders, operator training, and the sanding disc.

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Air compressors

An air compressor is only as effective as the clear and adequate air supplied to the associated air tool. Additional air tools has been added to increase drain from the compressors on the CFMs and PSIs. It is important to check the distribution line for routing, distance, length, diameter and kinks to ensure for maximum air supply.

Another common compressor problem is air leaks. Air leaks affect both CFMs and PSIs required for maximum tool performance, which in turn can also be result in swirl marks.

Random orbit sanders

The sander can participate in swirl marks for several reasons. It may not get enough air to operate at peak performance. Either worn DA pad or with excessive dirt or glue buildup can cause swirl marks or other finishing problems. Often these swirl problems can be resolved quickly by changing the DA pad.

ridgid random orbit sander

Operator training

An often overlooked is operator training and re-training. This will be critical for maintaining quality final product and safety for the operator. It is worthwhile for operators to make a quality tool checklist. Be aware of excessive sander vibration. These cause white knuckles, and may cause further bearing or air leakage noise. Such symptoms usually indicate a severe problem with the tools.

Keep a list of operator tips:

Starting the sander in the area and walking the running tool off the area will eliminate swirl marks. To increase smooth running and tool life, operators may place one or two drop air tool oils through the air fitting, to connect the hose, and to run sander for a short time.


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