What is the Cost of Netflix Per Month?


Are you a Netflix user? Netflix is one of the best on-demand streaming service. This is why Netflix charges more for its premium members than its competitors. This is not surprising: Because immersing millions of subscribers around the world into the finest, largest and most diverse selection of licensed and original content out isn’t a cheap thing.

123moviesHow much does Netflix cost?

The answer to this question depends on exactly your need. If you want a more basic offering, you can escape by spending just a few dollars each month. However, if you need a little more than the basic plan, definitely not more than your credit card debt for a month.

Streaming plans

Netflix has three different streaming plans. They are Basic, Standard, and Premium. But what does each of those tiers mean in terms of on-demand content?

The actual table is consistent across the board, and basic subscribers have easy access to same things like in the Premium plan. Limitations come in the form of purpose – the basic can’t stream above the standard definition, at the same time, the standard is limited to Full HD. The most expensive option is the premium 4K Ultra HD which can be tapped in material.

There is also a significant difference between basic, standard, and premium: What it does mean is how many people can use one account at a time – starting from a user with the most economical option, and topping at four with the priciest. This means that four friends and their family members can all watch the same account, simultaneously, from any place in the world.

If you split the cost with four friends, it would fit within $4 per month.

123moviesHere we can see the plan, its price, the number of screens you can see at once and resolution:

  • The basic plan can be viewed in SD for only $9 on a single screen.
  • In standard plan, you can watch HD in 2 screens simultaneously for $13.
  • At the same time, the Premium plan can be found in HD and Ultra HD on 4 screens simultaneously for $16.

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DVD and Blu-ray

Netflix stayed true to its root and continues to run its DVD-by-mail rental service. As of February 2019, 2.7 million people used the company’s mail-in service.

For accessing an unlimited amount of DVDs, the Standard tier is pricing $8 per month, or $10 for blowing in a mix of Blu-rays – these rentals are limited to one disc at a time.

If you want to upgrade to a Premium, DVDs can be charged up to $12 per month or $15 a month to access Blu-rays. Up to 2 discs can be purchased at the same time.


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