Is fishing good in Destin Florida?

Destin Fishing Charters

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In this post you can easily include a 100 reasons to fish in Destin. Destin is known as the “luckiest fishing village in the world”, offers freshwater and saltwater fishing throughout the year. This location in Florida also hosts a variety of fishing tournaments. More than 30,000 anglers compete for money and merchandise prices at the Destin Rodeo, an October tournament.

Destin offers a range of fishing places that are accessible to all people with physical challenges. There are more than 100 chartered companies in the city. These contain packages that grant multiple licenses and permissions.

Destin Fishing Charters


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission requires recreational freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses for anyone between the ages of 16 and 65. Exclusion groups can purchase licenses and you can contribute to Florida’s conservation efforts. If going on saltwater fishing trips, you need a vessel saltwater fishing license. Both freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses are sold separately or in combination. These licenses are sold by local tax collector offices, bait-and-tackle shops and retail stores such as Wal-mart.

Types of fishing

Destin offers year-round pier and jet fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. But, nevertheless, pompano comes between April and October as the best time for this type of fishing. Pier fishing also produces whiting, channel bass, blue runner, bluefish, cobia, bonito and jack crevalle.

The In-shore trolling season is between March and November. It produces cobia, king and Spanish mackerel and the schoolie dolphin.

The best time of year for sea and trolling is between August and October, producing white and blue marlin, sailfish, dolphin and wahoo.

Between April and December you migh get a chance to catch billfish at sometimes. Fishing at the bottom of the deep sea is available year-round. This will give the grouper, amberjack, scamp, triggerfish and snapper.

Destin Fishing Charters

Wealth of niche fishing


Everyone jokingly that there are more charter boats than there are people in Destin. That means there are opportunities for all kinds of fishing – be it inshore, nearby shore, deep sea, fly, surf, kayak, bow or spear fishing. You can find a boat that is perfect for every type of niche fishing experience in Destin, as well as the ability to target any type of species of fish!

Is fishing good in Destin Florida?

For all the above reasons, the deep sea areas of the outshore and the inshore areas of the coast provide ample opportunities for fishing! It has many miles of coastline and numerous marine life for fishing the flats and shallows. Because of this, fishing in Destin Florida is very good!


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