Are black toilets hard to keep clean?

toto black toilet

A black toilet can make any kind of bathroom look amazing. Every time you come to the black toilet, it stands out and draws attention.

Black toilets are usually found in trendy homes and hotels. A black sink, bathtub, towel racks, or black tile may be suitable for the toilet. And can make a bathroom pop with modern style.

But keeping clean toilet in general is problematic. This is because, as most water contains minerals, white deposits are left on the black surface. They’re particularly noticeable. In addition, such as dust is immediately visible. So to make your black toilet looking great you need to follow the following steps frequently:

toto black toilet

You will need:

  • The works toilet bowl cleaner, this is available in most of the supermarkets
  • Toilet brush
  • Gel-Gloss, available at hardware stores or online
  • Clean & dry cloth

Steps to clean the toilet:

  1. Squirt the works on the toilet bowl and make sure you are under the rim. This product quickly dissolves the most significant hard water and mineral stains noticeable in black toilets.
  2. After waiting a few moments, wipe the bowl with a toilet brush.
  3. Flush away the cleaning material after scrubbing. You can repeat the steps 1-3, if needed.
  4. Next, apply the Gel-Gloss to the outer surfaces with a towel.
  5. Wait for it to dry to a haze.
  6. Buff to a polished shine.
  7. Repeat as necessary to eliminate regular dust and bathroom messes.

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Additional tips and advice

It’s not recommended to clean the tanks with bleach tablets. Because they can damage the rubber parts-including seals, and they can also cause leakage. It is best to cleaning regularly with the above methods.

toto black toilet

So many white toilets – why not black

Almost all toilets are white. You can see 99% of all toilets in the world are white color.

The main reason most toilets are white is because they’re made of porcelain kaolin and a certain type of clay. When the firing is complete, the ceramic is finished in a white or a cream color.

White color isn’t bad for a toilet because white always implies purity and cleanliness. And when the white bowl is dirty, it’ll forces us to clean it. At the same time, dark toilets hide the dirt.

Black toilets are unique, and they’re attractive, and made for people who want to stand out. A black toilet can’t mix with your bathroom, but, stains inside the toilet will blend in!


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