6 Tips for Finding the Right Tax Preparer

IRS Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers

Tax pro in Tuscon who can handle all your tax preparation needs. If you decide to turn to a professional to help with your return, your first step is to identify the tax preparer you need. You may want someone who has the right experience for your specific needs and can work at a price you can afford. 

Hiring a tax preparer means sharing details such as your income, bank accounts, marriage, kids, and your social security number.

So here are 6 tips for finding the best tax preparer for you:

tax preparer's credentials1. Check the tax preparer’s credentials

Anyone with PTIN can handle and file your taxes. But it is best to find someone who can handle the audit, IRS collections, and appeals. The IRS Directory of  Federal Tax Return Preparers is a good place to find tax benefits with credentials and select qualifications.

Being a member of a professional organization and attending continuing education classes is also a good preparer. 

2. Look for a well-established preparer

It is advisable to find a preparer who has had at least 7 to 10 years experience. The reason is that as a preparer works overtime on tax returns, he may be dealing with efficient tax situations. 

It is important to remember that your tax preparer’s office is open year-round. Because if you receive notices and letters from the IRS and state tax authorities, you may need their assistance.

3. Find a preparer with clients

Choose a preparer with clients like you. This is because you can get a better service for your particular needs. It is good idea to get recommendations from your friends about their preparers. For instance, about the preparer’s patience and curiosity, and whether he takes the time to learn about their personal situation. 

tax preparer means sharing details“Tax laws are subject to interpretation”. Federal tax laws don’t tax the first 20% of income for some small businesses. The tax professional should help determine if your business is eligible. 

The preparer of your choice should help ensure that you don’t cross any red lines with the tax law’s new, stricter rules on the business deduction for marketing and entertainment.

4. Ask for a price quote

Often, the tax preparer will say that he can’t tell you what to charge until you decide which forms are best for you. In those cases, present your last year’s completed forms or ask for a list of fees for different types of tax assistance. With this, we can get his answer. 

Avoid preparers who base their fees on a percentage of your refund. 

5. Favor the tax preparer with foresight

The tax season officially ends on April 15th. But, a good tax preparer will help plan for tax savings not only this year, but next year and beyond.

6. Check if they’d have your back

Registered agents, CPAs, and attorneys with PTIN can represent you in front of the IRS on audit, payments and collection issues and appeals. Preparers who complete the annual filing season program can only represent clients in limited circumstances.

When the tax filing period is over, even your tax return is history, the best tax preparers will take you call. They will respond to your email or welcome you for a visit. 


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