Anne Klein Women’s AK/1470 Watch and Bracelet Set

Anne Klein Women's AK1470 Watch and Bracelet Set

The Anne Klein Women’s AK/1470 Watch and Bracelet Set has been one of the favourite items on a number of shopping platforms throughout the world. Anne Klein has been one of the biggest names in the sector of women style Watch and Bracelet set from Anne Kleinand fashion and has been loved ever since its inception, forty years ago. Anne Klein has been the pioneer of the modern American fashion and has worked towads making the classic, fashionable. The brand has come up to create a number of looks for the women of today, varying between sporty, classy and chick.  A mix and match of all these styles has left the closet of any into a blissful collection of fancy and brilliant accessories. The Watch and Bracelet set from Anne Klein is no different. Ever since the model was launched in the year 2013, it has constantly been in demand and still has stock flying out of stores and online whole sellers, like the very first few weeks. It just does not go out of fashion.

The eye getting Women’s AK/1470 Watch and Bracelet set from Anne Klein:

When you are looking for the perfect gift for one of the favourite women in your life or for that matter yourself, this watch and bracelet combo makes for the best option. It is highly attractive, classy looking, has a beautiful gold finish, and speaks fashion like no other. The set is complete with-

  • A round dialled gold watch with a black glossy finish to the inside of the dial, and
  • Three alloy bracelets with a clasp closing unit that is common to all the four items in the set. The first bracelet in the set is a chain bracelet, the second on is a bangle with enamel inlay, while the last one is a bangle that is studded with thirty six Swarovski crystals.

Why will you love this?

Why will you love thisIf you go through the net, you will find hundreds of purchaser reviews all in praise of the Anne Klein Women’s AK/1470 Watch and Bracelet Set, and there are good enough reasons for these as well. The set is a compiled assortment of the best in class accessories that can bring smile to any and every face. Some of the factors that have played well for the set and helped it stay in demand, include-

  • Quality-

The quality of the product is the first thing that will catch your eye. Coming from a brand such as Anne Klein, this is but inevitable. The enamel bracelets all come with an inner layer of enamel that prevents it from discoloration from sweat.

  • Original Pieces-

All the pieces are original. The crystal studded pendant comes with original Swarovski crystals, while the watch is original Japanese quartz movement.

  • Customisable-

The pieces are designed to fit one and all. They come with extra jewellery clasp closures, to help you expand them if needed.

All in all, the Anne Klein Women’s AK/1470 Watch and Bracelet Set can make for a great gift to both your loved one and yourself. Fashion accessories could not be better than this.


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